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Return and Exchange conditions

Product return requests are made within the following criteria, based on the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and Regulation.
By law, in online sales (with distance contracts), consumers have the right to return the product by rejecting the goods without taking any legal or criminal responsibility and without giving any reason within 14 days from the date of receipt. We provide support for the return of unused products in the purchases made at at any time.
After your returned products reach us, your products are inspected in order of processing following the acceptance process. Your return amount will be paid to you within 10 working days after we receive your returned products. The refund of your return will be refunded according to the payment method (Advance / installment) you made when ordering on our site. Since the returns are made by automatic systems, the refund results according to the payment type of the order you have created in the system. If the installment payment method is used in the orders, the return is in installments; Even if the cash payment method is used, the refund is refunded to the card in advance.

How Can I Change?
• - You must not have used the product to replace a product you purchased from our website.
• - You must contact our customer representatives and send the product that meets the exchange criteria to the specified address within 15 days from the date of purchase. In exchanges, the shipping charges belong to the customer, counter-paid products are not accepted.
• - If our customer representatives make the necessary examinations and decide that it is suitable for change, you will be asked for the information of the product you want to buy.
• - If the price of the product you want to buy is higher than the product you returned, you will be asked to pay the price difference. If the price of the product you want to buy is lower than the product you returned, the difference is sent to the customer's account.
How Can I Return?
• - You can return the product you purchased from our website within 15 days from the date of purchase. To return, your username, phone number, order number and the name / quantity / color of the product / products you want to return, etc. It is sufficient to write the information and send an e-mail to Our customer representatives will return to you after making the necessary examinations.
1. Return Policy
• - You can return your unused, undamaged and uncut inner/outer labels that you have purchased from at any time.
• - Due to hygiene conditions, underwear products are not refundable.
• - Due to hygiene rules, cosmetics and personal care products can only be returned if they are unopened, unused, untested and have not passed their expiration date.

2. Refund of Product Fee to You
• - After your product/products reach us, they are inspected and if they comply with the return conditions, they are accepted and your refund is made according to the payment method in the order.
• - You will be informed by phone, e-mail or sms when your return process is completed.
• - The reflection time of your refund to your account will vary depending on your bank. Please do not forget to check your account.
• - Refunds for returns to our stores are made using the payment method you used in the order. However, the repayment of orders created by money order/EFT and cash on delivery methods is made to your bank account by taking your IBAN information.
• - The amount allocated by the bank cannot be refunded when the payment is made in case of the return of the orders you have created with money order/EFT.

3. Refunds from Stores
• - You can return the products you have purchased from our website ( to all our store or warehouse addresses and get a full refund of the price you have paid. Please contact us for the nearest Store or Warehouse address information.